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Huge gas resources
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Russia has discovered huge resources of gas available for development. According to the Russian A+B+C1 classification, these resources total 48 trillion cubic metres (TCM). Gazprom Group, for example, estimates that its gas fields still hold reserves of 28 TCM.

There is no contesting the fact that Russian reserves far exceed all others available to Europe, with the sole exception of Middle East reserves. However, natural gas from the latter region is only expected to make its way to Europe in the form of (Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG) over the next two decades.

Russian gas production is projected to rise from about 600 BCM a year at present to 730 BCM by 2020. Very substantial gas reserves have also been established in the countries of Central Asia and the Caspian region: Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan each produced well over 50 BCM of gas in 2003, while Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are developing their gas industries at a swift pace as well.

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